The Christian Healing Institute (CHI) has been formed to increase the knowledge and practice of Christian healing ministry and intercessory prayer by:

  • training, equipping, and ministering to persons through events at our center in our Northern Virginia
  • sending ministers and trainers to assist other churches and Christian organizations (regardless of denominational affiliation) to establish and to grow healing ministries in their communities
  • developing and offering printed and audio/visual resources to help train and educate others to practice Christian healing and intercessory prayer
  • helping to connect Christian healing communities, to each other, so that all might partner in demonstrating to the world that the Kingdom of God has come near
  • CHI does not provide individual prayer ministry but if you live in the Northern Virginia area, please follow the link below to the Falls Church Anglican’s Healing Prayer ministry. They offer many opportunities to receive prayer. Click HERE.

Heal the sick, and say to them, “The Kingdom of God has come near to you.”

—Luke 10:9

What kind of activities is Christian Healing Institute conducting?

  • Offering local conferences and training in healing and intercessory prayer
  • Traveling to churches outside our area to present training conferences
  • Conducting foreign training missions
  • Developing healing and intercessory prayer training curricula
  • Providing coaching & mentoring

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