What exactly is “Christian healing prayer”?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

Christian healing prayer is the act of praying for a specific person, asking God, our Creator, to set them free of all afflictions (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional) and to bring them to perfect health in all of those areas.  It is often accompanied by the “laying on of hands.” We do so through and in the name of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and in the power of the Holy Spirit working through us.

“And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will . . . lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” —Mark 16:17–18

Are you saying that Christians shouldn’t take medicine—that they should just pray and ask for healing? Because I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

Definitely not! God heals in many ways, and modern medicine and the skilled hands of doctors and nurses is often a part of God’s plan for healing. We do not want anyone to neglect or disregard advice from professionals in the field of health. As a matter of fact, we have often worked together with such professionals, especially in the area of mental health, to accelerate healing in a person’s life.

What if I want to learn about praying for needs other than healing—i.e. that my spouse will find a job, or that my son or daughter will arrive home safely from overseas?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

We put great importance on teaching believers how to pray for each other for ALL their needs—something traditionally called “Intercessory Prayer.” Intercessory prayer is a way of praying that can be done with or without the prayer recipient physically present with the person praying. We offer teaching and equipping in that critical area of ministry, as well.

What kinds of things do you do?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

CHI offers training opportunities to members and clergy of all Christian faith communities to establish and sustain healing and intercessory prayer ministries. Our ministry planting programs often include teaching on such topics as the biblical basis for healing prayer, obstacles to healing, occult renunciation, the different types of healing prayer (eg, physical, emotional or ‘inner healing’,  and deliverance), how to organize and operate a healing ministry, and more. Our objective is always (a) to ensure that any CHI-led teachings on prayer and ministry are firmly grounded in Scriptural truth; (b) to plant/nurture healing ministries that will continue to grow after we’ve left; and (c) to enable new healing teams to immediately ‘take ownership’ of their own call to pray for healing by providing opportunities to pray for others from the outset of their training.  CHI may return to churches for further follow-up—or visit them via live video feed—to provide additional training at a greater depth or for specifically requested topics. All of our work with other churches and para-church organizations is customized to fit their needs and is respectful of theological differences, as we believe that Jesus’ ministry of healing is available to all and should not be denominationally defined or confined. One of the things we teach is that praying for healing can and should take place in and outside of churches in whatever style fits the setting, whether charismatic, formal liturgy, evangelical, or just conversational.

What do you mean when you say you want to reawaken the universal church to the ministry of healing? Haven’t Christians always prayed for those they love to be healed?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

While all Christians throughout history have presented their needs, including healing, to the Lord in prayer, we seek to follow the example of the early Christians who obeyed Jesus’ specific command to “Heal the sick, and say to them, ‘The Kingdom of God has come near to you.'” (Luke 10:9). We want believers and churches everywhere to know that Jesus literally heals people today, and to participate in that ministry of healing by praying in person for others, with faith and expectation.

Why would people need training for healing prayer? Can’t I just lay hands on someone and pray that God heals them?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

Yes—we hope you will do so and that such praying becomes a natural part of everyday Christian life, including for our children! A significant part of our mission is simply to inspire and encourage people to pray in person for those who need healing. Regrettably, too few Christians today realize that not only CAN they do so, but they are actually CALLED and empowered by Jesus to do so, as representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. To that purpose, CHI trains and encourages believers to pray in person for others (believers and non-believers) in a natural and loving manner; receiving training and practicing first in that setting equips a person to go pray for others easily and with confidence, whether in their daily life or in a church ministry setting.

That seems pretty simple: why all the different classes and seminars?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

The more we understand about the inter-relationship of the physical, the spiritual, and the relational, and how God desires to heal the WHOLE person, the better we can serve as a means of God’s healing for others, AND receive that healing ourselves. We find that it helps, too, for attendees to minister first to each other and to experience healing themselves, before doing so in an outside setting. By offering supervised practice initially, CHI can also provide guidance as to what approaches are consistent with Scripture and with sound Christian theology.

I don’t have any significant physical ailments, but I struggle with anxiety and depression. Do you pray for things like that?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

Yes, most definitely! We see countless people being freed from emotional, psychological, relational and other personal pain and burdens. Jesus said that he came that we might have life, and have it ABUNDANTLY—we take Him at His word (John 10:10)!

Do you also do exorcisms? I think I know someone who needs one.2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

Technically speaking, an “exorcism” is a specific Roman Catholic liturgical ritual performed by an authorized priest to expel evil spirits from an afflicted person. But if you are referring to the ministry of freeing persons from spiritual oppression, often referred to as “deliverance ministry,” yes we certainly minister and teach in that regard. At CHI, we recognize that we all live on a spiritual battlefield, whether we recognize it or not. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) Much of our ministry and our teaching is directed towards the goal of enabling persons to break free of Satan’s oppression, in whatever way it may manifest in their lives, and to help them to live in the freedom of Christ.

“For if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”—John 8:36)

By the way, to receive ministry, each person must come on their own volition.

It sounds like you have a wonderful ministry—would you come pray for me? Or can I come visit you to receive prayer?2017-02-25T02:05:04-04:00

The primary mission of CHI is to bring Jesus’ healing mission into the mainstream of life and to empower others to share in that ministry, primarily through training and equipping churches, para-church organizations, and  believers everywhere. To that purpose, we offer group events here in the Northern Virginia area, and we deploy teams of teachers/prayer ministers to other areas, even to other countries, to conduct training and ministry events. While these events always include opportunities to give and receive healing prayer, our mission is not focused on providing one-on-one ministry. We would suggest that you seek healing prayer from a reputable Christian church or ministry near you, researching first to be certain that their theology and methods are completely in keeping with Biblical Christian doctrine. For suggested ministries, please see here.

What method of Christian healing prayer do you teach?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

At CHI, we seek to be utilize and to share training in various approaches to healing prayer that are consistent with Christian Scripture and sound Christian theology. With that knowledge available, we trust that the Holy Spirit will direct us and other prayer ministers in the most suitable way to pray for each unique person and their unique situation.

How can I, or my church/organization, receive training from you?2016-09-15T16:56:51-04:00

Please visit our “events” page to see what opportunities are already scheduled that you might be able to attend. If you are with a church or other Christian organization and would like to request that a CHI team come to offer training at your location, please see our “request training” page for more information. Out of a desire to maximize our effectiveness in leveraging our limited resources, we encourage interested churches to partner with other area churches in hosting a CHI training event. We may also be able to offer live-streaming for some events, although we encourage on-site participation whenever possible.

What is your religious denomination?2016-11-19T16:10:33-04:00

The Christian Healing Institute is not limited to any particular denomination. We minister comfortably in all legitimate expressions of the Christian faith, and our prayer ministers include persons from a wide variety of denominations and non-denominational churches. We were birthed out of The Falls Church Anglican,  a member of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), a denomination that stands for biblical faithfulness and loving witness in a changing world.