The first time I heard a Christian say that anyone with a personal or familial tie with Freemasonry* needs spiritual cleansing and deliverance prayers, I thought they’d gone off the deep end. After all, aren’t the Masons just a group of “good ole boys” who get together for monthly meetings, who wear fez’s and ride tiny scooters in parades, and who raise money for good causes? Aren’t most Masons (in this country, at least) church-going Christians? Now, after years of research on the subject and countless experiences in healing and deliverance ministry, I have no doubt that involvement in Freemasonry results in spiritual bondage for the members and for their family line.

Allow me to hasten to say that Freemasons are not bad people. (Or at least, no more so than the general population!) In fact, many Masons are very good people who truly love the Lord. Most Freemasons are completely unaware of the false theology, pagan mysticism, and even occultism that undergirds the beliefs, practices, and teachings of Freemasonry. Regrettably, that ignorance does not prevent them from being subject to the spiritual oppression that results.

So what’s the problem with Freemasonry? Put simply, the essential beliefs and rituals of Freemasonry are inherently incompatible with biblical Christianity. Despite the repeated claim that Masonry is a non-religious social fraternity, its own terminology (e.g., temples, altars, rites, etc.) implies otherwise. Nor does it take more than a quick investigation to reveal that Masonry is “that religious and mystical society whose aim is moral perfection” to quote one of its most famous members [Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry 1:269; 1966]. Masonry’s own publications and numerous works by revered authors such as Albert Pike, Albert G. Mackey, Henry Wilson Coil, and H.V.B. Voorhis make clear that this organization was created, designed, organized and purposed to provide a method of spiritual illumination and salvation completely apart from, and in opposition to, Biblical teaching. Movers and shakers of the system of Freemasonry explicitly deny the uniqueness and divinity of Jesus Christ: Albert Pike asserts that Jesus Christ was a great teacher of morality “and no more” [Morals & Dogma p.525]; J.D. Buck claims “God never manifested himself to be seen of men; creation is his manifestation” [Symbolism of Freemasonry or Mystic Masonry]. Masonic teachings promise salvation through good works: “It is by “perform[ing] the duties of your respective stations . . . [that] you will receive from your Almighty Father an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled” [Raymond Allen, Tennessee Craftsmen or Masonic Textbook, 1963, p.61].

While these heresies in themselves should deeply disturb any faithful Christian, it is the participation in unholy oaths, vows, and rites that appears to incur the most oppressive supernatural consequences. A closer look at the rites and rituals of Freemasonry show why they would lead to such spiritual affliction. Many Freemasonry initiation rites invoke the gods of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and other pagan cultures as unseen participants and beings worthy of honor. What’s more, the initiate swears terrible blood oaths, calling upon himself violent injury and gruesome torture if he ever violates or even reveals these oaths and rituals. (A look at the most detailed Freemasonry renunciation prayers will reveal many of the deities invoked and oaths sworn during each level of Freemasonry initiations.)

Not surprisingly, well-documented research by Masons and non-Masons alike reveals a clear and distinct path to deeper and deeper involvement with the occult as the Freemason climbs to higher and higher degrees of membership. Freemason author Arthur H. Ward [Masonic symbolism and the Mystic Way, p. 149 – 150]. sums it up well: “When later he [the Mason] is given Light, it means really that he is taught the principles of occultism …” Even when (as is often the case) the Mason does not consciously recognize what is happening to him on a spiritual level, the consequences are present.  These consequences may appear in that person’s own life, or in the life of his family or descendants, as persistent obstacles to living the life of spiritual and material wholeness that the Lord desires for us.

Scoffers would protest (as I’ve heard Freemasons say): “Oh, that’s just a bunch of playacting – it’s all in fun – nobody really believes it!” Regardless of whether the participant thinks it means anything, something IS happening in the supernatural world as these words are spoken, oaths pledged, and rites enacted. Namely, ties are being formed that will afflict not only that participant, but his current family and his descendants for generations. It may not seem fair that the actions taken by one family member should effect his descendants, but that is a reality in both the natural and the supernatural, going all the way back to Adam and Eve. All of us are born into a spiritual inheritance, for good or for ill, just as we are born into a physiological inheritance. The good news is that as Christians, we are far from helpless – the Blood of Jesus and His Holy Name can set us free from all unholy entanglement! But we need to recognize that the problem exists, and to take action by renouncing the rites, oaths and ungodly beliefs of Freemasonry, specifically calling upon Jesus to heal and deliver us, and to cut off the enemy’s access to us.

I, and innumerable other Christian prayer ministers, can recount startling testimonies of bodies and minds healed, of relationships restored, and of spiritual deliverance that has taken place when these prayers of renunciation are prayed with sincerity. We’ve seen more than one “infertile” couple bear children, cancers and other diseases healed, and even unexplained paralysis suddenly released. Depression is lifted and a lifetime of strange accidents or misfortune comes to an end. An inability to truly feel the Lord’s presence or to grow in one’s faith shows sudden and remarkable breakthrough. When this happens once or twice, you think: “Coincidence.” See it over and over and over again and you come to understand the repeated admonition throughout scripture to “Have no other Gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3).

The Lord wants His people to be healed, delivered and set free. He does not want us to bear burdens that are not ours to bear and He is eager and willing to break off of us the affliction resulting from our own sins and the sins of our ancestors. Each of us are responsible for repenting and confessing our own sins in order to receive the Lord’s forgiveness. Yet, while we will never be held responsible for another person’s sin, we can still be effected by its consequences, as medicine and sociology will attest. If you have Freemasonry connections in your own life or in your family line, and have not already done so, I encourage you to pray (ideally with a prayer minister) renunciation and cleansing prayers such as the ones available on this web site [link]. If you are a prayer minister, I urge you to be aware of this resource for helping others to be healed and set free from oppression. Whether you use a brief summary prayer or the detailed multi-page prayer usually depends on the degree of involvement known or the degree of spiritual affliction being evidenced. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through these prayers. God will break off the curse of Freemasonry in your life, in the life of your church (if it has an institutional connection to Freemasonry) and in the lives of your children and future generations. Far greater blessings will be released upon you by our heavenly Father.

This article only allows me to just scratch the surface of why it is important for individuals, prayer ministers and all Christians to know how to recognize and be set free from oppression resulting from Freemasonry involvement or heritage. I encourage you to continue to research this topic for yourself, using Holy Spirit discernment. Toward that end, we’ve also provided a short list of reputable resources [link]. I also invite you to discuss this topic further on our Facebook page [link].

All glory and praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose Name and by whose blood we are redeemed and set free!

The Rev. E. Kathleen Christopher  May 17, 2018


*Freemasonry encompasses numerous lodges and organizations, including Eastern Star (for women), Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, and Sons of DeMolay.