CHI put on a healing conference at Princeton University last weekend (4/22), and we were all astounded by God’s love and mercy being poured out on the whole weekend. Friday night we had about 15 student leaders and friends from our Princeton host organization (Worship House) and there ‘happened to be’ a group of about 10 people from International House of Prayer’s (IHOP) Luke 18 Project, a student-focused ministry out of IHOP Kansas City. In addition to the 8 CHI prayer ministers, we had quite a little revival group! The IHOP team was beginning a tour of the Ivy colleges beginning with Princeton — leading worship and praying for people. It was so fun to have them there with us Friday night leading our worship time!

After worship, we did some teaching on our identity in Christ and on the Holy Spirit — followed by a powerful prayer time. The Lord gave us some ‘words of knowledge’ (impressions or words from the Holy Spirit pointing out some things He wanted to highlight and heal that night) — including jaw pain, mid-low back, and a left eye. Amazingly there were people needing prayer for all of that and more!  Everyone responded enthusiastically and began praying for one another – and wow did God move!

One of the IHOP team was healed of a ‘catching’ jaw issue and TMJ pain that she had for most of her life – but had not prayed about in years! Another young man was healed of low back pain that had been a “9 out of 10” in the morning and was about a ‘5 out of 10’ during the evening. After prayer he had no pain at all! Then he went over to join a small group praying for a young woman who had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) who really felt the word of knowledge was for her. As people prayed for her, she felt a heat and pressure moving up her spine from her lower back — straightening it out as it moved up toward her neck! She needs an X-ray to be positive, but she believes God straightened her back!  Finally, we had several people with eye issues — including one man that had surgery on his left eye 3 days earlier and there was a prospect it might not work. We’re trusting that the Lord blessed that eye and no further treatment will be required!

Saturday was more of the same – with a smaller team during the day for teaching on inner healing, forgiveness, and some topics on spiritual oppression and deliverance. In the afternoon the students broke into groups and prayed for each other – and many received encouragement and strengthening in Christ! Another healing of eyes occurred as a group prayed for a woman had an issue with her eyesight that required her to wear special contacts at night to help the shape of her eye and allow her to see during the day. While receiving prayer her eyes were moving around and she felt like they were changing shape. She didn’t use her contacts Saturday night, and on Sunday she reported that one eye was 100% healed, and the other was improved. Join us in praying for complete healing for her! God is so good!

Saturday night was an outreach healing service led by Worship House. The Worship House team had done an amazing job promoting the service with video testimonies from last year’s conference and there were about 40 people in attendance. After rich humble expressive worship, the student leader of Worship House, Mikal, shared a powerful message about living as a son loved by the Father. The ministry time opened up with some more ‘words of knowledge’ and a few students shared some powerful personal testimonies. The expectancy of God’s blessings in prayer was palpable. Students started circling up praying for each other, and the Holy Spirit took over for the next hour or two!

As someone that often prays in a very orderly Anglican setting – this was very different! I looked around and a dozen or more people were being ministered to simultaneously – surrounded by small groups of their faithful friends! One student would be receiving prayer by a few people around them, having a powerful encounter with Jesus – receiving release from all sorts of stresses, strains, fears and burdens (as evidenced by tears and sometimes joy and laughter). A few minutes later, that same student would be up in another small group, praying for someone else. What an awesome example of Matthew 10:8 – ‘… freely you’ve received, freely give!’

I think 90% of the people in attendance received prayer – and most had significant encounters with God!  These students were full of faith, passion for Jesus, and authentic love for one another — it was beautiful! God rejoiced, and Jesus was glorified! Praise God!

May we all have the same passion for Jesus and love for one another that we witnessed this weekend in Princeton!  Lord, let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

Other CHI team members included: John & Judy Smathers, Jay & Eleni Jakub, Meredith Brown, and Kate Gardner.

Blessings in Christ,
Mark & Grace Andringa

Here is a video testimony of miraculous healing from last year’s CHI trip to Princeton: Healing Testimonies, Casey.