This article is part of a series of posts about a healing mission trip to Uganda in January 2017 that CHI, in partnership with Connecting Lives International Mission, conducted. To read the earlier articles, click here.

In addition to the 300+ adults at the conference in Kampala, around 70 children were there – far more than we were expecting. We were completely unprepared – we did not even bring the usual collection of soccer balls and other treats to give to the children. The first day, the wife of our host pastor pulled Sharon aside and asked if she could do anything with the children. Working together, they quickly put together a program of teaching, skits, and singing that mirrored the conference topics, especially forgiveness and the importance of praying together. The children practiced praying for one another and their families, and also learned how to take a Bible verse and turn it into a prayer. At one point in the conference, the children sang, “We are One in the Spirit” for the adults. There were lots of big smiles after all the applause!

Lots of children came for prayer during the evening sessions. Numerous prayer requests were that they would see their mom or dad. For many of these children, if their parents were still living, they would only see them once or twice a year. It is common for adults to travel wherever there is work, leaving their children in the care of a family member or friend. Others asked for the money to pay the fees so that they could go to school. Those children fortunate enough to be in school asked for the Lord’s blessing on their work and for success in exams. We also got to see Jesus healing several children as well. One young boy who had a painful problem with his teeth (his cheek was very swollen) received immediate freedom from pain, as the prayer minister prayed. We also received many requests for prayer for family members who were in South Sudan. One was answered very quickly: a wife with young children asked for prayer for her husband, and the next day he was released from jail in Juba.

If you feel led to help provide for the education of some of these children, contact Fran Boyle at Connecting Lives International Mission. Her organization provides ministry, medical, and financial support to the people of South Sudan, including educational assistance to orphans and others in dire need.

My next and last article about this mission will focus on how God used the events of this week to plant a healing prayer ministry!