This article is part of a series of posts about a healing mission trip to Uganda in January 2017 that CHI, in partnership with Connecting Lives International Mission, conducted. To read the earlier articles, click here.

As the US-based team was planning our part of the conference, there was one thing that we kept hearing loud and clear as we were praying: keep the final Friday open. We didn’t have any idea why – we speculated that it might be a rest-and-recovery day, or perhaps a day to follow up with some of the pastors we knew we would meet. After the joy of praying with people in their homes earlier in the week, we wondered if Jesus was going to open up more visiting opportunities.

We found out what the Lord had in store on Thursday. Our host pastor had commented earlier in the week that he had “never seen anyone pray for healing like this” e.g., in such a gentle way before. Each day as he was driving us to and from the guest house at which we were staying, he was full of questions about the practicalities of healing ministry, our thoughts on ordained and non-ordained people ministering together, and delving more deeply into the topics we had presented each day. He was so drawn to the gentle and loving approach of bringing Jesus’ ministry of healing to people in their homes that he felt led to establish a ministry in his church focused on visiting people to pray for healing. He asked us if we could help train up this team of around 20 people the day after the conference. Thankfully, we had listened to the Lord’s guidance to not schedule anything on Friday, because He had a day-long “Introduction to Healing Ministry” training practicum planned for us!

We covered all the basics of a healing and prayer ministry, beginning with need for a prayer minister to stay spiritually healthy, and to treat all prayer sessions with confidentiality. We also covered how to pray to protect yourself and your family from any efforts of the devil to attack or disrupt the ministry, how important intercessory prayer support is for healing ministry, and the need for accountability among prayer ministers and their pastor. From there we moved into how to pray for various aspects of physical and inner healing, ranging from addiction and anger, to fear and shame. We also did a lot of practical exercises on how to both listen to the person for whom you are praying, while also listening for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in how to pray. It was such a blessing to see them begin to recognize Jesus’ leading in how to pray, and to see the members of this new healing ministry begin to start encouraging one another as they learned together. A particular joy was the desire of the youth to participate in this training, to learn to pray with and for each other. We continue to hold this new healing ministry up in prayer, and have remained in contact with them after returning to the US. As an added blessing, apparently a revival broke out the next week at their church, with many giving their lives to the Lord.

Please join with us at the Christian Healing Institute and our work of bringing the healing ministry of Jesus into the mainstream of life. We are thankful for your prayers, and for any support you may feel led to provide! And if you are interested in planting a healing ministry in your church, please contact us here!