This article is part of a series of posts about a healing mission trip to Uganda in January 2017 that CHI, in partnership with Connecting Lives International Mission (which focuses on ministering to the people of South Sudan), conducted. To read the first article, click here.

When we arrived in Kampala, we discovered that because of some miscommunication between our ministry partners in Juba and Kampala, our plan for a conference schedule that included morning and afternoon sessions, each followed by an opportunity to pray for those in attendance, was not feasible. We were able to work with the host pastor to compress the schedule to fit into an afternoon-only arrangement, but with only one consolidated healing prayer session at the end of the day. So now we had a plan for the conference that worked for everyone, but it left us with a question: what do we do with the now-empty mornings?

We asked the host pastor if he knew any people who might be too sick to travel to the conference, and if it would be possible for us to go to visit them and pray. He seemed a little surprised by the request, but he thought it could be arranged. In the end, the local pastor coordinated a different house visit each morning, covering three different neighborhoods around the church. Two of the houses were packed when we arrived, and as people received prayer, they would leave and others from the neighborhood would come in.

The Lord moved powerfully in these home prayer visits, with numerous physical healings. On the first day, a woman with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis who was unable to open her hands and could walk only with great difficulty was at the house. After one team member began praying for her, she started crying, prompting the prayer minister to stop and ask why. She said that she was pain free for the first time in 12 years and that she could flex both her hands and her feet. Her condition continued to improve after prayer, and we heard the next day that her healing was nearly complete. Several young men reported being able to breathe easily after being prayed for, as their asthma-like symptoms disappeared. One pastor’s wife who was at this house asked for prayer for her throat – she felt pressure on her windpipe, and it would close up whenever she tried to sing.  Two days later at the conference she gave testimony that her throat was healed, and that she could now sing – and then she proved it by singing a lovely song!

On the second day, we went to a different house in a more populated area. After we prayed for people, they would leave and others would come in to take their place. Again, we had the opportunity to see Jesus doing some wonderful things. In one memorable case, a young woman who was not a Christian received healing, gave her life to Christ, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and then joined us in praying for others to be freed from oppression by evil spirits. It only took the Lord 20 minutes to accomplish this dramatic transformation in her life! Several others reported being freed from aches and pains that they had experienced for years.

The apartment we visited on the third day was not as packed, but that turned out to be Jesus’ plan, as several of the folks we met and prayed with at that location had practiced witchcraft or had family members who had practiced traditional animist religions. These prayer sessions took a bit longer, as there were occasionally several layers of spiritual oppression, including individual and generational. As we prayed for one woman to be cut free from the spiritual oppression that she was experiencing, a team member “saw” her surrounded by a ring of fire, but as we prayed, angels were stamping out the flames. It was only after we prayed that we learned that her husband belonged to a tribe that worshipped fire – the Lord was setting her free from the effects of this ancestral idolatry. Another woman asked us to pray for her on three different occasions. Each prayer request was more personal than the last, but all involved occult activity. It was only after the Lord had healed and gently delivered her two times that she trusted what was happening enough to tell us that she used to practice witchcraft. When we prayed for her deliverance it ended with her falling on the floor crying “thank you Jesus” for setting her free. When we left that house, everyone looked exhausted, but peaceful!

We should have been tired after spending several hours each morning praying with so many people. However, one team member summed it up for all of us when he said, “I could do this all day”. We were so invigorated by seeing what the Holy Spirit was doing for others, that we couldn’t wait to see what He had planned for the afternoon and evening sessions. In the next post, I will give some highlights of how Jesus blessed people when we finally got to the conference.